A PINNACLE® Acetabular Cup System Product Information Provided by DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.


The ULTAMET® Metal-on-Metal Articulation was the metal-on-metal bearing option previously available within the PINNACLE® Acetabular Cup System. Today, the PINNACLE Cup System allows surgeons to choose from metal-on-polyethylene, ceramic-on-polyethylene or ceramic-on-ceramic materials to replace a patient’s hip, depending on the surgeon’s clinical experience and the patient’s individual needs.

ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal consisted of a PINNACLE Cup, which was placed in the pelvis during surgery. An ULTAMET Metal Liner was then inserted into the PINNACLE Cup. A metal head, attached to a stem inserted into the femur during surgery, moves inside the ULTAMET Metal Liner in the PINNACLE Cup.

ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal was the result of more than six years of research and development and extensive testing.

Since the time the ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal became available, DePuy has closely monitored its performance, as the company does for all products. DePuy has also continued to sponsor research, conduct internal and external testing and clinical studies, and provide information to doctors, regulators and the scientific and academic communities.

Development Process

ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal grew out of DePuy’s more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing hip implants. Learn More


ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal underwent testing. Learn More

Regulatory Authorization

Following years of development efforts, ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal was authorized to be sold by regulatory authorities around the world. Learn More

Monitoring & Performance

ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal is backed by a strong record of clinical data. Learn More


In May 2013, DePuy announced its decision to discontinue sales of its ULTAMET Metal Liner worldwide due to declining demand for the product, the availability of alternative bearing options, and a proposed change in FDA regulations. Learn More